Technique/Tool/Resource: Those Are My Private Parts- Tactile companion book


Used For: (TF-CBT: PRACTICE) Psycho-education, enhancing future safety-prevention




Where Technique was taken from:


*can be used to adapt any psycho-educational book of your choice into a tactile companion book





Supplies Needed:

Various items that permit the child to feel, stroke, pull, shake, lift, rattle and squeak their way through the story

- Interesting and contrasting textures (colors-for those with low visibility)

- Interactive features = smell/sound

- Secure the items in anticipation of enthusiastic play (Avoid using toxic glue or anything sharp)

- Can use: fur, velvet, artificial flowers, artificial grass, netting, laces, buttons, beads, artificial leather, quilting, sponges, pom poms, feathers, tinsel, spoons, balsa wood, felt, foam board, rubber mats, carpet, braille stickers, puffy paint, scented oils, scented markers


Use the link to use the guide for developing your own tactile book




Detailed Description:

Chose a story that has a simple/ easy to follow story line. Chose the various items you want and follow the “Telling Stories Through Touch” PDF (found through the link) suggestions to develop your tactile companion book. While you read from the original version, allow the child to follow along with the story using the tactile companion book to feel their way through the story. Take the time to discuss each tactile representation to help the child understand why you have chosen the object to represent the idea (i.e. a “loud voice to say no” could be represented by a lion because lions roar loudly).